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About Germany

10 years ago a small company started up in London to deal with the unique demands of people looking to move their families or relocate their businesses to Germany. We spent years hoping our business to ensure that we are able to deal with the unique demands presented by these long distance moves, and in the process we managed to create a company that was in the perfect position to offer a unique level of service to people who wanted a move anywhere in Europe. Now, Removals Germany is one of the leading UK removals companies, helping people who are moving just down the street or right across Europe! It’s been an amazing journey, and here is how it all started...

We had a very simple business idea when we started out all those years ago; keep customer stress to a minimum. It seemed logical that, if we could stop our customers stressing at a time renowned for anxiety then we would have perfected the art so we planned to tackle stress on two fronts.

First of all we looked at pricing. We wanted to keep it simple. No hidden costs, no lies and a quote which was exactly what you would pay. Our unique removals assessment is so accurate in measuring what you need that you don’t need to worry about us not having enough space or manpower. Equally, you don’t have the frustration of paying for space or people that you don’t need. Our quote covers exactly what you need; no more, no less.

However, it was always going to be services where we made our biggest impact. We have invested hugely in the most modern fleet of vans on the road, regularly maintaining them, cleaning them after every job as well as fitting them with the most modern security systems.

Equally, we firmly believe that our staff are the best around. They are not only trained in the mechanics of the job, but most importantly they are given an understanding of the faith you are placing in them. As a result, they operate under a unique mantra of respect. Respect for you, your family and colleagues and also your possessions. The upshot of this is an attention to detail unlike any other, and this is why they get such great testimonials every week from people who appreciate the way they limit the chances of mishaps and are sensitive to when people need space and when they need reassuring.

Over the years we have also developed a unique set of optional extras, designed to make us your one stop shop for all your moving needs. After all, what is simply than only having to deal with one company that you trust to give you the best price and best service? This is why if you need packing, cleaning or storage services you can get them all by calling our friendly call centre staff on 020 8746 9622.

So, perhaps you need one of the moves that made our name as you look to put down new roots in Germany and want an expert to help you, or maybe you are just moving across London but want the security of a company used to tackling the big jobs with a personal touch. Whatever you need, it’s right here at Removals Germany.