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Cost-effective Ways to Move and Pack your Items

Moving home is always an expensive time, if not the most expensive time you will encounter in your life. You will have to pay deposits, admin fees, legal fees just to name a few of the expenses you will face. Saving money in any way is going to help you relax and stop worrying about how much you are spending. These tips will give you ideas on how to save and make useful cut backs when planning a move.Collect boxesWhen packing your things you are going to require containers and boxes to sort and move your things. Plastic containers can become costly to stock up on, especially if you are not going to use them once you have move into your new home. Cardboard boxes offer a cost effective and often free alternative. Local supermarkets will have excess boxes in abundance, and will often allow you to take what you need from their stockpiles. You may need to ask for them to bring the boxes out to you but most staff members will be helpful and bring them to you. Supermarkets will just recycle their left over packaging so they are not losing anything by letting you take a few to pack into. Shoe boxes are also useful to store and move things. Shoe boxes are small and compact and are great for storing smaller, delicate items. Another great use for shoe boxes is for storing DVDs and CDs as they will fit into an average sized shoe box perfectly. If you don’t hoard boxes ask your friends and neighbours if they have any spares. If people are aware you are looking for boxes in preparation for a move they should start putting them to one side and saving them for you rather than recycle them. Make money from your unwanted itemsTo cover some of the extra costs you will face while moving home you can sell your unwanted items. As you are packing you will come across dozen of things you no longer need or want. Rather than throw these out you can sell them to make a little extra cash. There are numerous places you can sell items online. When selling online you will need to check any commission you need to pay after you have sold your items. People often are unaware you may have to pay selling fees when selling online so always check the terms and conditions before you begin to sell. If you don’t feel like you will get value for money when selling online there are other sites that allow you to swap items. Using freecycle sites will allow you to potentially swap unwanted items for things that are going to be more useful. If you don’t want to sell items online there is still car boot sales and other places you can sell on a face to face basis. Selling things on a stall can mean you have to make arrangements to rent a plot and transport your items to and from the site. Selling things this way can mean you are left with items no one bought that you will have to take home with you. Donating to charity can also save you money in the long run. You will not make money from donating but you will save time and money not transporting them to your new home.