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Filtering Out Unregulated Removal Companies

With the number of removals companies that are flooding the internet, how do you know which ones is the right one for you. When you are letting others handle your personal belongings of great sentimental and financial value, you want to ensure that you get a genuinely good moving company – not just a moving company, and definitely not one that will drop you at the last moment if a better job comes along. There are many unregulated small removals companies that are just starting out and offer a good service but then again there are many that lure customers with low prices and then act unreliably. Facing a sudden cancellation from the moving company very close to moving day can spell out new problems for you while you are already struggling to cope with the stress of moving houses. Besides, most good companies will probably be booked so close to the date and even if they are able to squeeze you in, chances are that you will not be able to get the best services they have to offer. So you end up with a service that gives you neither a good deal with service nor price. So how do you filter out the scum from the eligible lot? Here is a step-wise way to figure out which moving companies you should not even be looking at.1.    Accreditation from Removal Trade AssociationsOnly consider companies that belong to either the British Association of Removers (BAR) and The National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS). These associations have strict codes of trade practices that all members must adhere to and very favourable and fair arbitration and conciliation policies that makes businesses accredited to them a safe choice for customers. While you are checking for accreditation, ensure that it is still valid and if not, find out why.2.    Get a house removal surveyNo matter how convenient it is for you to accept an online quote and how confident they are that this is all you have to pay, insist on getting a house removal survey done. A reputable removal company will usually offer a free survey which means that it will cost you only your time to squeeze it in your schedule. This will also help you establish first contact with the company and based on the kind of customer service you receive, you may decide to either continue with this firm or look for another one. 3.    Check testimonialsUnless you are using this particular removal service on recommendation of a friend, always check for customer feedback for the company. You might look on their website but a better place to search would be an independent review website or a comparison one which is free of influence from the companies themselves. When you are looking at testimonials, pay special attention to what has been said or written about them in the last few months. 4.    Trust your gutWhen you have established first contact with the company and followed it up with a few more, you will have formed an idea about them based on your experience with them so far. This will usually depend on how their executives sound when they are talking to you on the phone or in person, did they have a friendly and informative website, was it easy to contact them or book a survey, were they professional and efficient in the way they conducted themselves so far etc. A good first impression is general true of how the service will be on the whole.