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Hidden Fees to Avoid when Moving Out

During the move out, there are a lot of expenses and fees that people get to experience with shock. A lot of people are getting shocked with all the fees being imposed on them because these are considered hidden and surprised fees.
People can avoid getting trapped with all these hidden and surprised fees by understanding the fees that are associated with their moving out.  Below are some of the charges or fees that people should understand and comprehend before engaging into a commitment with any moving out company:
    The Accessorial Charge.  Accessorial charge is usually hidden under a package fee.  For example, most companies are putting a general category of all the charges in a single item which in fact includes a lot of things.  Some of the services included on the accessorial charge would be packing and unpacking service, loading and unloading service, assembling and disassembling of huge furniture pieces, and others.  You can actually avoid getting charged with this accessorial charge by carefully studying and contemplating on the charges written on the contract.  You need more time studying this by asking your company service.
  The Advanced Charge.  This charge happens when the service that you are requiring is not part of the expertise of the company that you are getting.  For example, you are requiring a grand piano to be moved out from your home going to the storage area.  Since this will require a specialized person to disassemble and assemble some of the parts of the piano, the moving out company may be required to hire a third party service from a different company which will be paid in advance.  In which case, you are already being charged even when the service has not been rendered yet.  You can actually avoid this by getting the service yourself from a different company. Instead of the company looking for that third party to render service for you, you can just do it yourself to save more money.
   The Appliance Service Charge.  There are appliances that require special skills in order to disconnect some of its parts.  In which case, your moving out company may not be able to provide this service for you.  You may want to ask someone who can do this job for you and pay a small amount instead of having it done by the moving out company and pass it on to Third Party Service Company.  What you can do to avoid this extra charge is to have it included in the package given by the moving out company or ask someone else to do it for you. 
  The Auxiliary Charge.   An auxiliary charge happens when there is an extension of help being handed to you.  For example, when the moving company will require two separate moving out vans to transport your things either because there is an issue with the parking or the place where the movement will happen will not legally allow the presence of bigger moving out van.  In order to avoid this charge, you should check the problem before this happens and basically resolve the problem before it even happens. 
These are some of the charges that you should be very aware of so that you can practically avoid them.