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How to Start Man and Van Business

A man and van removal is a service which includes a moving truck and a driver who transports the heavy loaded truck from one place to another. People are moving due to all kinds of reasons and there is a constant demand for man and van services. There are many companies offering good service, but there are also scammers out there and moving companies which will rip you off, but won't guarantee quality services. There is always place for a good moving company on the market. Just like any other business starting up is a difficult process which consists of a series of steps. The first thing to do is a thorough research on man and van companies and smaller businesses locally. Concentrate on your living area first to determine which are the reputable companies and is there a bigger demand than supply. If that is the case then you have a great opportunity to fill in that gap in the field. If you decide to focus on a wider region, be prepared for much more competition, probably from businesses which have been on the market for a while. After you determine the range of your services, you need to come up with a business name. A good business name is catchy and short and indicates the field of business. Keeping a name short makes it easier to fit on a business card and ensures a neat design logo. This name will be printed on brochures, uniforms, trucks, ads and put on the website. The better it looks and sounds the more attention it will get. A common mistake is to simply write "Man and Van". There are too many businesses that fail to stand out, lacking a good name. After you choose the name, deal with the registration and getting the relevant licenses and permits for your business. It's important to have insurance if you're going to handle people's possessions. Getting the van depends entirely on your budget. The easiest option is to lease and to save some finances for other important things such as uniforms for your team, packing racks and any other necessary equipment. Any extra money should be invested in advertisement and marketing campaigns. A starting business needs to gain popularity. After you have a few clients their good recommendations will attract more, but getting your first clients is the hardest task. Print your logo on the side of the van and on the uniforms and print out fliers advertising your business. The fliers and brochures need to be placed in strategic places such as social halls and department stores - places where lots of people go to and shop from. Give out business cards and make contact with other local business owners. Many businesses get regular deliveries. If they ever need delivery services or moving, make sure your company stands out and they will contact you. Brochures should also include the different rates, according to distance, weight of the truck and extra help. Your first client will determine how your business will go - you must offer top quality of work. Meeting the client's requirements and handling their items carefully is what will win you clients. Word-of-mouth is the best recommendation you can get so if you do your work right, you can be sure that the word will spread. A man and van business is like any other - it requires hard work, devotion and perfect customer service. Once you are on the right way, you will enjoy a constant profit and recognition.