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Moving into a new office checklist

Moving into a new office can be a very busy and stressful time, and because of this, things that are important that you do when you have first moved into a new office space tend to get forgotten, as the unpacking and becoming fully functional overrules in importance in your eyes. To ensure there is nothing you have forgotten see the below checklist:•    Make an inventory of all your stock and supplies. •    Order packaging materials and supplies to help you to pack for your move.  Research and book a removals company that can has the capacity to deal with such a move.  •    Plan out your new office and where everything is going to go.   Once everything has been packed label it so that you exactly what is inside making unpacking easier. •    Ensure that the van carrying your items will be able to park close to your new office, if it cannot, consider what you can do to get the van closer and easier to unload. Once you are in the new office:•    Check that you know how to set the security alarm and that it is fully operational•    Check the air conditioning unit is working, set it to the desired temperature (this will help prevent you and your staff becoming too sweaty during the move).•    Ensure you have received new stationary and business cards with your office’s new address reflected accurately.  •    Set up any necessary secure storage units and filling cabinets, especially if you’re working with personal and sensitive data about companies or individuals finances. •    Ensure that all the health and safety requirements are fully complied with. This can be difficult to fully comply with while working, things such as “make sure there are no trailing cables” can easily be forgotten.  However, people can still get hurt from this so try to keep on top of health and safety as much as possible. •    Telling people about your move.  You need to :o    Notify customers and suppliers/vendors of your change of address and tell them the reason for the move.  Consider calling any key customers to inform them in case they become concerned. o    Let your customer know the approximate dates you expect to be moved by, but remind them that it is as always, ‘business as usual’. o    Inform any companies, such as insurance companies, banks, companies house etc that you have changed your contact details.o    Inform any utility providers, such as water, gas, electricity etc.o    Speak to the post office to ensure mail re-direction has been set up and ensure there was no post sent to your old address.•    Ensure everything is being considered in the installation process.  Have you thought about all of the below: o    Telephoneso    Data pointso    Cablingo    Computerso    Serverso    Networkingo    Any fridges, freezers, cookers, microwaves, kettle/coffee machines, dishwashers etc. should all be installed by a professional so be sure to book someone to do this for you on the day you move in. •    Test the things that have been installed, at this moment in time you will most likely have your new and old offices up and running simultaneously, you can use this to ensure that your new office is set up correctly and is ready to use, by communicating with your old office. •    Do an inspection of the property, ensure there is nothing that is damaged or broken or needs attention.  If any problems do arise, the sooner you highlight it the better, as you will not then be held accountable.