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Moving Quick

Sometimes you are about to relocate, but you don't have enough time at your disposal to do it properly. Don't worry, all you actually need is a bunch of good friends and the emergency tips below.

Everyone can plan, organize and carry out the smoothest and problem-free relocation. Yes, they do, if they have weeks or even moths to do so. However, sometimes you have to relocate almost at a moment's notice. It is doable, with some friends willing to help and some emergency tips.

Packing always takes a lot of time, if performed properly. But you better use the time you have to do something more life-saving, like finding a new place to live, or organizing the transportation of your things to the new residence. So you best let your friends to do the packing. Then:
-make sure that they have enough boxes and packing materials
-put in charge someone you thrust in managing the chaos
-let them start packing room by room, or have several teams work in every room
-make sure they label everything properly. It's a good idea to have an entire A4 sheet of paper attached to each box, saying, for example: "Living Room Shelves: 1. Framed photographs 2. Sports trophies 3. Set of big orange candles 4. Glass bowls 5. Pair of big blue vases 6. Books are in a separate box"

Loading and discharging
After the moving van arrives, make the movers load the big things first - furniture, kitchen stove, refrigerator, and then the rest of the items in the moving boxes room by room, so you later distribute them easily. If can squeeze some time and label the furniture pieces in advance with kitchen/living room/dining room. If you cannot do that before the loading, you have to supervise the discharging carefully and direct the placing of the furniture in the right rooms. It's a good idea, if the weather conditions allow it of course, to discharge everything from the van on the yard in front of the building, and then start bringing in the things in room by room.

Moving in
First you carry in the biggest items and place them carefully on the spot, and then the smaller ones. Try to do this without much reordering and moving around of the heavy furniture. After that you can take the movers team with you in the next room, and let a smaller team of helpers find, carry in, and, even start some unpacking of he boxes containing the things for the room.

Using a moving company
Actually, if you can afford it, you just find a reliable moving company and leave the pros handle the relocation for you. You can sign in for a full moving service, and in that case the company will send people to pack, disassemble, load, transport, discharge, move in and unpack everything in no time. The company will even supply moving boxes, packing materials and protection covers for the floors and furniture! All you have to do is supervise the process and provide parking spot for the moving van near your old and new residence, and then pay them according to the contract.