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Office Removal - Tips for the Employees

If your company is getting ready for an office removal you are probably having mixed feelings. A change in the location and the office premises is a big thing for everyone. But while the employer is busy organizing the whole process, employees are often kept in the dark or feeling helpless. There are many things to be done before the movers arrive, so if you don't want to get in the middle of the chaos, consider the following tips.

Talking To Your Boss
If your boss hasn't found sufficient time to hold a meeting and talk to the staff, you can ask him about the "rules" surrounding the move. The employees should know the moving date, what will be moved and what they should pack. If there is a checklist for the entire process it is a good idea to hang it in the office. This way nobody can say that they don't know what's going on and what they should do. There will be furniture and equipment which the office will dispose of, there will be important documents and files to be transported and the design of the new place will determine the arrangement of everything.

Packing the Cabinets With Files
Don't expect to just do your work like usual and not get involved in the packing process - this is almost impossible. One of the biggest tasks will be to pack the files from the cabinets. Discuss which documents need to be shredded, which are really important and which can be transported in the moving truck along with everything else. Sort out the documents and make sure you are ready with this task well before the actual move.

Packing Your Desk
This will be done closer to the moving date, probably a day or two before it. Empty the drawers and pack everything in a big box; label it with your name and take inventory. If the rule is to only take what's needed, then throw away or donate the old stuff that's been piling up around. The decision of what to take and leave behind will depend on how big the new office is and the storing space. Ensure that you are ready with all the small items and don't try to deal with the equipment, such as computer, printer and fax machine. These are fragile items that need extra care and special packaging.

The Packing Equipment
There should be a person in charge of the movers so if you have any questions ask them, not your employer. If you wish to help with the packing make sure you are using the right packing material. There are many packing tips and tricks which the movers have mastered, so it's best to let them do their job.

Packing Personal Belongings
You should know how much room you will have for personal stuff in the new office. If you are going to share a desk with another employee you may have to leave some things at home for the time being. It's best to pack and take your personal items home first, go through them and then decide what to bring to the new office. Be careful not to take equipment home which is insured by the movers as this may cause a problem.

An office removal is a great opportunity to start fresh and get excited about work more. Embrace the changes in a positive way and give your best so the move goes by plan.