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Removals and Packing

Any move can be rather tedious but what I think most people underestimate is the amount of packing involved to get the job done! When it comes to home and office removals you have to sift through endless amounts of stuff, you have to get organised fast and you have to pack efficiently to be able to get the job done quickly and effectively.   Why is packing so important?Packing is extremely important because if it’s not done properly you could be faced with a load of damaged goods when you arrive at your new destination. It’s important to Remember that those transported goods have to travel, firstly they have to be loaded on top of each other within a removal van, then they are transported and this could be a long distance or a short one, depending on where the new location is and the finally they are unloaded and yet again they are more than likely going to be stacked on top of each other again. This whole process can be risky and your household possessions are at risk of suffering the consequences if you fail to do it correctly, something we all need to avoid! Also the packaging used plays a huge part in ensuring that your contents are safe and sound during the move. Flimsy boxes will not hold the weight of others piled on top of them and they may end up getting crushed during the process. Crushed boxes are usually the main reason that contents are damaged. Cheap boxes are also at risk of bursting open from the seams, when lifted and carried, and yet again this could result in the contents falling to the floor which you do not want to happen! Many people choose to collect boxes, mainly empty crisp boxes from supermarkets to pack up their homes to move. This is fine for some of your goods, but would you really want to pack your best china tea set or your precious games console in reused box that is at risk of collapse? It may save you money at this stage but could end up costing you a lot more is your have to replace those items after. What packing and packaging should I use?The best packaging to use to pack up a home or office to move is the sort of packaging supplied by a professional company, either a removal firm or a packing firm! Because the packaging itself is specifically designed to withstand what its designed to do and is less likely to fail during the process. Packing firms and removal hire companies that supply packaging generally supplies the best quality packaging money can buy, it’s strong and sturdy and it usually comes with all the important extras such as filling, stuffing and wrapping to further protect your goods! Remember that the stuffing and filling that is used is just as important as the box itself because its primarily there to prevent the contents clashing and banging against each other whilst being packed away, also its very important the stuffing of boxes is done at the end of each fill to ensure that the box is fully loaded, with no gaps that could lead to crushing, and to ensure that the boxes are full whilst not being overweight. The benefits of using packers!Most removal companies will also offer the use of specially trained packers, if you feel it is necessary to use them! and the benefits of using these packers ensures that the job is done correctly, efficiently and more than likely quickly, so you get to save time which can be spent elsewhere instead.