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Tips to Prepare your Young Child for a House Move

When it comes to moving house with young children there are a lot of things that need to be considered so as to make moving day go as smoothly as possible. However, moving day is only the beginning of the moving process – your child is going to need help adjusting to their new home and new way of life. Here are a few hints and tips to prepare your young child for a house move. 1)    Introduce the idea slowly through television shows or books aimed at young children. Isolation and a lack of self-importance are common feelings experience by young children when moving house for the first time, so try to spend as much time with your little ones as you can without jeopardising the efficiency of your move. 2)    Try not to let your child see you getting stressed about the move – it’s important to remain positive and excited. If your child sees you and the rest of your family angry or stressed about the house move they’re going to be hesitant about it. If they see you excited, however, then the feeling is bound to rub off! 3)    Get your child used to their new neighbourhood before you move. Why not make a trip to the local park or have a wander around the streets to help your child acclimatise? This is a great way to make your child feel less lost, lonely and isolated when it comes to the move. You might even be able to meet other parents and find new friends for your son and daughter! 4)    Let your child be involved in the moving process, even if it’s by doing tasks that aren’t necessarily helpful. Give your son or daughter a sense of purpose by allowing them to pack their own bag of essentials for the day – this might just be toys and snacks, but it will make your child feel more involved in the moving process and will keep them occupied! 5)    Welcome your little ones to their new home by having pre-decorated their rooms. This doesn’t have to be an expensive process if you’re moving on a budget – you can create a children’s dream bedroom with a can of paint and some wall decal. This will help your child adjust to their new bedroom. However, if your child is being particularly stubborn about moving house then why not involve them in the decorating process? Allowing your son or daughter to design their own room is a fantastic way to get them interested and more co-operative when it comes to moving house. 6)    Be prepared for a few unsettled first nights in your new home. Your child is sleeping in a new environment and this can be a worrisome time for them – especially if they’ve never moved house before. If your child starts experience problems with sleep or problems adjusting to their new home in general then it’s important you talk to them about their qualms and fears. Make sure you’re maintaining a good relationship with your child over the entirety of the moving process. Though it can be difficult to manage planning a house move and looking after your family, it’s extremely important that you do so. This will make the moving process much easier on you and your child.