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What To Do When You Arrive In Your New Home

Lots of people spend so much time concentrating on packing up their home for their house move that they don’t actually have a plan for when they arrive in their new home. The arrival, unloading and unpacking processes can be just as important as actually packing and loading your removal vehicle, so if you’re moving house and you want to avoid making mistakes when you arrive in your new home, this is the guide for you! 1)    The arrival. Once you get to your new home you should start by taking as many boxes as you can into your home. Your boxes should be labelled by room, so take each box into its designated area so that you won’t end up with a cluttered hall or walkway. Make sure to leave enough space in each room for your furniture as well as for your appliances. If you’re moving to a small home and the weather is good, you might want to unload your boxes into the front garden or yard so that your furniture can be moved into your home before your boxes. 2)    Arranging your furniture.Hopefully you already have an idea of where you want your furniture to go, but if not then this is the time to plan it. You should have each room laid out ready for unpacking, so your bed, bookcases, desks, dressing tables and even your fridge and freezer need to be in position. You might need help when lifting heavy items, so ask friends, family or your removal company for their assistance. 3)    Boxes.Once your furniture is in place you can start to unpack your boxes. Try to decipher which boxes contain the most important things and start with these. You want to make sure that your new home is a liveable environment for you and your family, so leave the television for now and instead make sure that your bathroom is stocked with hygiene and essential products and make sure that your beds are all made. This is also a good time to unpack enough of your kitchen to be able to make a few meals and hot beverages, so that you can take breaks from unpacking whenever you need to! 4)    Unpacking your rooms in order.Your rooms should be unpacked in order of importance. You don’t want to spend hours making your living room look fantastic but end up having no cutlery or plates for the evening! Your bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen should come first. If you have children then you need to ensure that they have everything that they need for the first night or two, whether this means finding their laptop or their favourite toy! 5)    Home essentials.You should already have electricity and running water – make sure that these are going to be available to you straight away on moving day so that you don’t have to worry about this! You might also want to ensure that you have an internet connection, phone line and television connectivity so that you can keep children and teens out of the way whilst you’re unpacking! 6)    Don’t rush.Once you have the essentials unpacked there’s no need to rush with everything else. Take your time with unpacking so that you can avoid making a mess, misplacing things and causing damages!