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Items That You Should Not Pack during the Move

There are some items that should not be packed along with the others during the move. Here are some of them:
Documents. We are referring to those that are highly recent and you may need all throughout the move. These include your removal contract, receipts, utilities, and insurance coverage, amongst others. There’s a huge tendency that you need to present them or they are urgent papers. If you’re going to pack them along with your other items, you will have to open the box, remove them, and reseal the box. If something happens to the items found in the box, you may lose your claim against the removal company.
Flammable Items. We don’t carry them, and as far as we know, majority of the removal companies won’t allow them too. There are two main reasons for this. First, you will lose your insurance coverage, and thus, you cannot file for an insurance claim if there are damaged goods later. Second, they are highly dangerous. Some of them are so volatile particularly when under so much pressure that they can just explode. A number of these items include matches, cans of paint, gas, and gas bottles. You can look for a list in the Internet, or you can ask from us.
Small Items. If you can place your smallest items such as your jewelry in a bag and keep them with you at all times, then that would be great. They have higher chances of getting lost especially if you didn’t hire a packing service and you simply combined them with the bigger ones. If not, then make sure that you can place them inside furniture and cabinets so that they will be well protected, and you would know where to look for them later.
Water. We are talking about water in the tubs, refrigerators, pails, and several other items. If they get spilled, they could damage the boxes and, worse, their contents. They can also leave a very foul smell when kept under a certain environment like when inside a truck. Make sure that you can remove them before these appliances or fixtures are packed. Your belongings should also be dried.
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